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At Cohen Dental, we strive to maintain an enthusiastic environment that promotes patient satisfaction through knowledge, efficiency, and integrity. We provide services in contemporary cosmetic and restorative dentistry to provide you with your perfect smile. We don’t just consider the science behind cleaning or repairing your teeth. At Cohen Dental, we want you to achieve optimal oral health AND an aesthetically pleasing look. We are Savannah’s premier provider of these services.

Cohen Dental offers a wide range of dental services. We can provide every type of dental service including: fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures/partials, root canals, extractions, veneers and whitening.

Dr Cohen has been a dentist in Savannah, Ga for over 20 years. He has been awarded by other Savannah dentists for his great work in and around the local area.  Offering many affordable dental products, Dr Cohen will brighten anyone’s smile!